American Whiskey Tasting


Kit Includes:

  • 2 oz. Field & Sound ‘Maritime’ 100 proof
  • 2 oz. Milam & Greene Port Finished Rye
  • 2 oz. Westland American Single Malt
  • 2 oz. Spring 44 American Single Malt
  • Guidebook on tasting whiskey
  • Dropper for distilled water
  • Branded tasting glass
  • Sample of malted barley
  • Piece of bourbon barrel

Looking to purchase for a group?
Our Whiskey Tasting Box makes a perfect holiday gift or morale booster for your employees. Simply provide the names and addresses of the people you want it sent to and we handle the rest. Please contact at 212-725-3860 or email [email protected]


American whiskey has never been more exciting than it is right now. Bourbon, rye & single malts showcase the vast flavor profiles of these American made spirits. Each box contains everything needed to enjoy a self-guided whisky tasting while learning the best ways to nose, taste and appreciate your whisky.